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Tell us about your project and get your dedicated IT team.

No matter what requirements you have,
we are always ready to help you. 

Specify the project requirements or send an RFP, RPI, RFQ.
We are ready to sign your non-disclosure agreement or can provide you with our.


After making the full list of necessary requirements we select the right candidates.

We look not only at the technical background and skills, but also at personal qualities you want your employee to have.

We will schedule an interview for you with each candidate to understand better if he or she is suitable for further cooperation 

You make the decision if the candidate is suitable for your project or not


Start project development with your new completed team and get our further support if it is necessary.

Our case managers take care of the onboarding process and facilitate the accommodation of new members within the company.

Regularly there are organized trainings of new Monkey team members. Corporative parties and team buildings will give a more comfortable working atmosphere for your team.

A dedicated Monkey Digital representative is in constant contact to ensure your satisfaction.


We hire people who will support your company values an will help you grow.

When a team gets bigger, we suggest you hire a team lead who will take care of communication, ensure that responsibilities are shared equally, and take responsibility for job satisfaction.

Team leaders have weekly growth sessions with the CEO to improve their leadership skills.

If you need more staff capacity, we are here to help you find the right talent.


What is the difference between outstaffing and outsourcing?

Outsourcing means that you deliver certain tasks to the third-party company. The aim is to complete this part of the work. Outstaffing is about hiring your own team who will perform as your in-house employees. So you won’t have to look for a specialist every time you need to have some work done.

Our beloved clients

Lucian Olariu (founder)

I was interested in leaving my business model and scaling so much faster. After I tried extending my current team and saw that the results were better even than at my in-house team I said that these guys know something I do not. Now Monkey Digital team helped me outstaff and outsource all the IT processes so that I can focus just on growing. Thank you !

Svetlana Svet (administator)

I have been amazed by the creativity of Alex when it comes to building cost-effective teams. After a call when he and the team from MonkeyDigital asked more about my business, I started to see how my business can grow faster and with less stress that was present in my life the last years. Now I am glad that almost all the processes are outstaffed or outsourced.

Victor Ruba (CEO)

Started to outsource a lot so that I can manage my business better. After working with so many freelancers and unprofessionals, I am glad that I found Monkey Digital and they did such a great job delivering results.

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Copyright © 2021 Monkey Digital. All Rights Reserved